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Imagine, Cairo who is eight, goes to Providence House with his sister Charlene (10), as did his mother, her sister and brother, and their parents, and so on, so that Cairo is the great-grandson of one of first boys to attend. The kinship networks that belong to Cairo are part of the blood that flows through the arteries at the heart of the community of Battersea. 3 Over 50 years, hundreds of children directly, and several thousand people by association, have been part of one small cluster of experience that builds community. And through contact, connection and conversation, through real lived experiences, issues addressed, problems resolved. Imagine the many threads that weave together towards and away from Providence, multiplied many times through similar experiences from Carney’s, Caius, St Peters’ and Katherine Low Settlement, making the social fabric of Battersea, that share this in common – a safe place to be, built on trust!

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