Hello! My Name is Diana Hardman and I am the new Volunteering Development Officer for Battersea and started September 2020. I’m working for the Big Local SW11 Alliance and based out of KLS. My role is to develop and expand volunteering across Battersea.

I am new in post, but not in experience. I come with 30 years of working with volunteers and supporting charities. My last job was in Waltham Forest where I set up their volunteer service and supported the charity sector in best practices in volunteering, ran training  and recruited and matched volunteers for their projects.  After 10 years in the East London, it was time to head South!


I have undertaken a questionnaire with organisations in Battersea and will be publishing the findings of this  in March. A huge thank you to the 27 respondents to this questionnaire and for all the organisations that have helped contribute to the findings.


Drop me a line with your ideas and referrals or give me a call and lets talk on diana@klsettlement.org.uk and 07956 617 084. 

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What will I be doing? 


  • Working with organisations in Battersea to support and develop best practices in volunteering.

  • Delivering training in ‘Recruiting Volunteers’ and ‘Managing Volunteers’ to enable not for profit organisations in Battersea to take on more volunteers and be confident in how to support and manage them.

  • By the end of 2021 – We want to celebrate volunteering in Battersea. As well as, raise the profile of what we do. We need to say a massive ‘thank you’ to the volunteers who support and add value to our much needed community services.

  • Supporting volunteer recruitment.


How can you get involved? 

How can we get the word out about this new venture? Do you use volunteers or want to use volunteers? Who else do you know that could benefit from this service? Refer yourself and refer two more organisations!


Advertise your volunteering opportunities 

We now have a new online platform to advertise your volunteer opportunities on. As volunteers apply, you can track and keep information on your volunteer’s progress all in one place. 

To register any volunteering opportunities: 

  • Click on this link to go to our website: https://volunteer.wandsworthcarealliance.org.uk 

  • Once you’re at the website just click on the need volunteers button to enable you to register and complete the form. 

  • We will then assess and approve your registration. 

  • You can then post volunteering opportunities and get the volunteers you need. 

This should be a straightforward process and the website has help functions to assist you.  However if you have any difficulties please email: volunteering@wandcareall.org.uk 

Lastly we are making sure we have a few opportunities to offer volunteers before inviting them to register, so please bear with us over the next few weeks. 


Based in Battersea and need help with volunteers?  

If you are a Battersea-based community organisation and need support around your volunteer programme, contact Diana Hardman on diana@klsettlement.org.uk and 07956617084 (m). She will be happy to talk with you. 

Based in another part of Wandsworth? 

If you are based in another part of the borough (i.e. NOT in Battersea) and a community organisation, and need some help, then please contact volunteering@wandcareall.org.uk 

Need volunteers for your community organisation?

The Big Local SW11 Alliance’s project ‘Battersea Volunteers’ is working in partnership with Wandsworth Care Alliance to establish a new volunteer service for the local community. 

The BLSW11 Alliance has launched a new service in autumn last year called ‘Battersea Volunteers’, to support all aspects of volunteering in Battersea. Wandsworth Care Alliance are establishing a pilot project for a volunteer service across the whole borough of Wandsworth. Instead of duplicating work and building different systems, we decided from the start to work together. 

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