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Volunteer Resources

Best Practice in Managing Volunteers

Best Practice

As this is a time of great urgency, your organisation may have needed to create new volunteering roles specifically to cope with the challenges of the Covid-19 crisis. Your capacity may need to be larger, or you may have to work in a completely new way. With all that in mind, best practice in managing your volunteers should still apply, and be adjusted and adapted as conditions change. We are here to help you with this. 

If you are creating new volunteer role descriptions and would like some guidance, please do send these to us and they will be happy to take a look and advise accordingly. You can contact Diana, our Volunteering Development Officer

With over 90 charities and community groups delivering services in Battersea, there is no question that many, if not all of them are being supported in some way by volunteers.  Volunteer Management is the process and practices you use to find, recruit and retain volunteers.   

It will look and feel different in each and every organisation but the principles are still the same:  

  1. Identifying organisational needs/gaps for using volunteers  

  2. Volunteer Role Development  

  3. Advertising Volunteer Roles  

  4. Interviewing, Referencing, DBS checking Volunteers  

  5. To accept or decline a Volunteer  

  6. Inducting and Training Volunteers  

  7. Volunteer Supervision  

  8. Learning and Development  

  9. Volunteer Reward and Recognition  


Good practice ensures that what you do in Volunteer management is consistent, of quality, safe and effective. Good practice also ensures that you keep the volunteer at the heart of your volunteering programmes and balance their needs with the needs of the organisation.  
It is essential that organisations spend time planning and thinking about these processes before embarking on using volunteers – even just one. The following resources and fact sheets will help you prepare for using volunteers and developing volunteer programmes. They will also help you review your current Volunteer Management processes.  

Recruitment - Processes and Links to the Resources   

Recruitment Processes

Volunteer recruitment process 


Every organisation will do this slightly differently, but this is generally how it goes.  Think about where you save this data and how you log each step to ensure you have done it.  


  1. Develop Volunteer policy and other policies relating to volunteers  e.g complaints procedure etc. 

  2. Undertake Risk Assessment of role and activities.  

  3. Advertise new volunteer role.  

  4. Receive new volunteer enquiry from the advert.  

  5. Send application form with a cover letter to the volunteer.   

  6. Receive application back  

  7. Invite for interview   

  8. Accept or reject volunteer  

  9. Request References  

  10. Receive references back  

  11.  Complete DBS check (if necessary)  

  12.  Deliver role specific training.  

  13. Undertake general induction 

  14. Complete volunteer agreement.   

  15. Complete a new starter form.   

  16. Give volunteer handbook    

Volunteer Management 

Volunteer Management

Supporting Volunteering in Battersea 

Volunteer Support

Do you need help with your volunteer programme?  

If you need support attracting more volunteers or want to ensure that your programme follows good practise, then Battersea Volunteers offers 1-2-1 support to all not for profit organisations in Battersea . Contact Diana or call 07956 617 084 

Battersea Virtual Volunteer Managers’ Network 


Now more than ever, it is important that we work together to help each other find solutions, share ideas and resources. The Volunteer Managers’ Network takes place quarterly.  You can sign up to these events on Eventbrite by clicking Here

Volunteer Management Support 

Support and advice for organisations around Volunteer Management Good Practice 

If you run a volunteer programme or involve volunteers in the daily running of your organisation or community group, knowing that you are doing it with best practice in mind is a great recognition for your organisation and for those looking to volunteer with you. 


We offer a range of support from 1-2-1 advice including Health Checks, training, Volunteer Managers Network and Good Practice Bulletins. Email Diana.   

Volunteer Management Health Check 

Health Check

Using the 10 Areas of Best Practice, our Volunteer Management Health check will question your processes and practices in all these areas and determine how far along the road you are to achieving "Best Practice" for your programme. 


It is important to remember that "Best Practice" isn't for everyone and will depend on many factors. For some, "Basic Practice" is all that is needed and for others who are looking to achieve Investors in Volunteers, "Best Practice" is where they need to be. 


Battersea volunteers want to celebrate organisations who are willing to work to the principles of Best Practice around Volunteer Management so we can attached a list of organisations that have gone through the health check with us.  


All these organisations are given a Certificate to proudly display showing they want to provide a great experience for volunteers in their organisations. 


If you want to see how your Volunteer Programme compares to Best Practice, make an appointment for a Volunteer Management Health Check by emailing Diana  

Advertising your Volunteer Roles 

Advertise Roles

If you have Volunteer Roles you wish to advertise you can do this on the Wandsworth Care Alliance Volunteer brokerage site website. 

If you need some support around thinking about what roles you might like to develop or creating a volunteer role description through to advertising it, we are more than happy to help.  Email Diana

Share your Story with Us

If you have a story to share about your volunteering or your work with volunteers, we would love to hear about them.  Please email Diana.  We will share it on our page and promote it on social media.

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