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Katy Cox

Paul's Cancer Support

Paul’s Cancer Support has existed for almost 40 years. Paul’s supports anyone affected by cancer including people currently receiving treatment for cancer, people who are in partial or complete remission and the friends, families and carers of people who have or have had cancer. Paul’s provides a range of emotional support and wellbeing services including counselling, support groups, touch therapies, yoga and informative workshops. Services are provided from the centre in Battersea and online.

I joined the Board of Trustees as Treasurer in October 2020 having previously been Interim Chief Executive for nine months. As Chief Executive I had seen first hand how valued Paul’s was by its clients and the important role it plays in the local community. In the midst of a worldwide pandemic which was having a significant impact on cancer services, I knew that Paul’s was needed more than ever.

As Treasurer I chair our quarterly Finance Committee meetings and attend Board meetings. Paul’s is a small charity so as well as leading and governing the charity, Trustees roll up their sleeves and support the staff team where we can. This includes supporting fundraising events, sitting on interview panels for new members of staff, sourcing raffle prizes and promoting the charity and its work at every opportunity.

It is incredibly rewarding to be a Trustee of Paul’s – the charity has a huge impact on the people it supports. I have gained experience in chairing committee meetings and learnt lots from working alongside knowledgeable Trustees who are experts in areas such as HR and governance.

My advice to anyone thinking about being a Trustee would be to find a cause you are passionate about and make sure you understand the responsibilities of being a Trustee and are clear on the required time commitment but don’t under-estimate what you have to offer – Boards of Trustees need a diverse and broad range of skills and experience to operate effectively.

Katy Cox
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