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Sheba Forbes

Sound Minds

I Sheba have been a trustee for 12 years.

Sound minds is a Charity in the arts for mental health and Is over 25 years old. I was recommended to Sound Minds by Mind while expressing my past mental health experience and my love for music. I wanted to be in an environment that understood me and at the same time doing something I really enjoyed, which was music. I loved it so much that I wanted to give back and being a trustee put me in that position, where I could be giving as well as enjoying the facilities at the same time.

I have matured in the arts; I am a musician Singer/songwriter and performer there's so much to learn at sound minds. I can do abstract painting too. The arts are very good for self-expression, and I like to offer support to members and staff.

I became Chair when the founder Devon step down to become Chair of Canerows which is a branch that came out of Sound Minds and which involves ward visiting. This has become very successful. The staff at Sound Minds are very caring, understanding and patient they have managed to keep it going for so many years against all the challenges that come with running such a productive charity.

Paul Brewer our C.E.O has done a great Job, as well as Devon Marston the founder. I have learned to overcome the stigma attached to mental health and have gained a lot of experience and confidence.

To anyone who is thinking of being a trustee. you can be successful with mental health given the right support and opportunity.

Sheba Forbes
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